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Political insensitivity does not work to protect general welfare from any forms of abuse. This is the general perception of the affected villagers of Pinagdapugan and Itaran, in the municipality of Polangui.

The attack of swarming flies in Pinagdapugan and Itaran coming from two poultry farms has disturbed myriad of household nearby. Their pleas to the elected village officials to act on their complaints on the nauseating stench and the swarm of flies were damning, to include the apparent lack concern of Muncipal Councilor Nilo Samlero who is also a resident of Barangay Itaran and residing adjacent to the poultry farm – did not lift his finger to rally behind to the complaints of his constituents and neighbors.

Samlero’s inaction and the village officials of Itaran and Pinagdapugan is a classic example of “political insensitivity” of the highest order.

The issues and concerns about the stench of the improper disposal of chicken dung went controversial since February 8, 2017. Since then, the residents feelings were hurt and has turned the situation from bad to worse.

Their predicament are perfectly inhuman as their place of abode is no longer an  “ideal village” to live in, as the swarming flies’  invasion persisted.

The children’s health of Pinagdapugan and Itaran are greatly compromised by the inaction of Polangui elected officials  who acted like a friendly beguiling salesperson, only to make a sale – figuratively speaking.

In fact, their beguiling is appealing during the campaign [election] period although wrapped in trickery and motherhood statements, but ultimately their indecisiveness has became annoying to the souls of Polangueños.

As the late Mohandas K. Ghandi once said “Sanitation is more important than political independence.”

The issue about the swarming flies was only entertained by the local officials of Polangui last April 21, 2017 – almost late for two months if the timeline will start on February 2017.

Their intervention is late and in a reactive mode.

The Committee hearing was convened and was attended by the heads of Committee on Health, Sanitation, Environment, Agriculture and other committe of Sanguniang Bayan ng Polangui.

Worst, the hearing was suddenly announced by Mayor Cherry Mella Sampal as “NO MEDIA ALLOWED” during the conduct of hearing.

The announcement of Mayor Sampal for no media coverage inside the venue of the hearing is slap on the faces of the Polangui-based media practitioners.

Barring the presence of local media is downright inappropriate and an outright censorhip.

When these attitude of the elected officials of Polangui continue to prevail, the local media in the 3rd District of Albay are now in deep trouble by forbidding  access to informations and is strictly classified by Mayor Sampal and Vice Mayor Herbert Borja, as RESTRICTED.

It’s about time to throw them the book on the Freedom to Right of Information at the right time to ram [umpugin] their heads together with the poultry owners in Itaran and Pinagdapugan.


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