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The vital sign of the sustainability of anti-illegal drugs campaign in Sorsogon City needs  a closer look, after two suspected drug users/pushers were apprehended Barangay Pang-Pang by authorities within a week.

Sorsogon City was officially declared as “drug-cleared city” on March 3, 2017. The fanfare was a big deal, having the first city in Bicol region to achieve such accomplishment – on anti-illegal drugs campaign.

The “Pulis Kasanggayahan” has already laid down the framework that the program will fit to meet more challenges in the future, this was the assurance made public by Police Senior Superintendent Ronaldo R. Cabral before the local media inside Camp Salvador C. Escudero, Sr last February of this year.

My belief then is now turned into skepticism – not on the framework presented, but the noun called sustainability.

The ability to maintain the pace of the local government’s declaration as drug free city, is now a big question in the barangay level. It seems the fight against illegal drugs is losing steam on the frontline.

Here lies now the question of inter-operability of the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council [BADAC] with its counterparts, particularly in Barangay Pang-Pang.

A matrix which was presented was was a doable, pro-active and a forward-looking approach on how to sustain a drug-free province with the active support of the local government units, anti-drug abuse councils, government agencies and the community.

Perhaps the time has come to shore up again to revert back to the Dangerous Drugs Board Regulation #3, Series of 2017 to reassess the failure committed by the officers and members of the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council [BADAC] of Barangay Pang-Pang and other barangays in Sorsogon.

The ball lies now in the hands of every BADAC in this city and province to do their share of responsibility and accountability to make their respective villages – a drug-free.

If  the BADAC  and the community will hesitate  to participate deeply in this campaign, the declaration made on March 3, 2017 will be reduced into a sheer empty motherhood statement, and  Sorsogon City and the entire province will be again crossing the red line.


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