Ending Impunity

The province of Masbate is a place rife with violence and crime gives  a perennial challenge for the leadership of the provincial law enforcers to maintain an enduring law and order policing template.

The theory known as “Broken Windows,” should be applied in this province as a pro-active policing strategy imperative to maintain order that would prevent the occurrence of serious crimes.

Last Monday [March 13, 2017] five assassins bullets were fired along the feeder road in Barangay Bacolod, Milagros, Masbate and killed Joaquin “Dos por Dos” Briones, Jr. is the latest crime against practicing journalist.

Jun Briones’ murder was dreadful and regressive to media practice in Masbate. This is not astrological phenomena, but rather it was real and the chaos was only favorable to the mastermind and his hired hands – for they whimsically sowed terror.

The bloods and sins rests now on the hands and minds of the masterminds and killers, the indemnification and justice must be served to the victim’s family by a competent court. But prior to the dispensation of justice, a law enforcement is required.

Diligent police investigation and manhunt operation are now in the hands of Masbate PNP Provincial Director Police Senior Superintendent Froilan P. Elopre and Milagros Chief of Police, Police Chief Inspector Leus Anselmo Prema.

Figuratively speaking, Police Senior Superintendent Froilan P. Elopre and the chief of police of Cawayan Municipal Police Station can now use the proverbial “silver bullets” to hunt and kill the werewolves of Masbate that killed Jun Briones.

Succinctly, the law enforcement should first effect a lawful arrest and produce facts and evidences before the court.

In doing so, the abounding crimes and the clichéd “broken windows” in this weary island will depict Masbate a safe province to live in and the suspects are not an exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of their actions – thus denying a chance of impunity to perpetuate in Masbate.