Map of Milagros, MasbateMilagros, Masbate, [03.14.17] – The National Press Club of the Philippines has pledged an hefty amount of cash in gratuity to any person that can  provide leads or informations to the identities of the mastermind and the suspects to the killing of Masbate journalist, Joaquin “Dos por Dos” Briones, Jr.

According to the local members media group in Masbate, they were informed by the brother of the slain journalist, Diosdado “Dos Kantos” Briones, Sr. who is the Presidente of Masbate Tri-Media Club.

The source told the Philippine Examiner by electronic message has quoted Diosdado Briones, Sr about the statement issued by National Press Club in Intramuros on the pledge to provide the monetary reward to any person that could provide vital informations and real identities of the suspects.

The NPC’s objective is to solve the crime and punish the perpetrators to the crime and mitigate the media killings in the country, the source said.

The group [NPC] also urged the would be informant and is willing to join and extend a helping hand to the speedy resolution of the crime can send send their message by text or call the NPC Hotline 09104621882.

All forwarded informations will be treated with utmost confidentiality to safeguard the informant’s identity and his/her safety.

The local media group in Masbate joined hands in condemning the recent killing of Briones and unites with the family in seeking for the speedy resolution of the crime and demanding justice for Jun Briones.

The 54 years old veteran broadcaster was waylaid by the suspects while onboard on his XR15O single motorcycle at 8:30 o’ clock Monday morning of March 13, 2017  along the national highway of Bacolod, Milagros town.

He sustained five gunshot wounds from calibre 45 pistol. Witness account, the suspects fled on board on two Honda XRM motorcycles [black and red] towards the direction of Balud, Masbate.

Briones is the latest victim of media killing in the country this year.

Manhunt operation is still ongoing to track down the suspect.

Fel Monares of Masbate Today and Jess Parion of Parion Ngayon filed this report.