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Low Corruption Agenda Again  

For the country who have had of corruption, striking out the case of plunder from the list of crimes that will be punishable by death – is a collective sins that is being committed by House majority assembled under the Speakership of Representative Pantaleon D. Alvarez.

Excluding the case of plunder that is punishable by death is a myopic understanding on the effect of this criminal act against the lives of the common “tao”.

Philippine history has it. The PhP10 billion ill-gotten wealth stashed by the Marcoses is a classical example of this crime. Although the predecessors of the Marcos rule, has utterly failed in prosecuting the dictator and his cronies, the perpetrators’ crimes, remains a crime committed against the Filipino people.

The failure to prosecute them, the reign of impunity continue as they were not meted out with a lawful punishment.

After the return of the Marcos family and his cronies, corruption in the government never ceases, as the cloth of impunity remains, worst they got elected to government offices,unopposed.

Although it is under deliberation, the propose bill shortlisting the crime of plunder under the consolidated House Bill No. 4727, is a clear manifestation of a weak legislative agenda by the 17th Congress against corruption.

This only means that the the so called “super majority block” in the 17th Congress has no clearer party political principle to speak of. That is why there is a strong probability that Congressmen, Senators who are currently facing plunder charges – can post their bails anytime soon, as it is being proposed under the proposed bill that it can be only meted with reclusion perpetua to the minimum.

This is an insult to the Filipinos who suffered and is still suffering from poor social services – like agricultural supports and high cost of medicines, because it was pocketed by corrupt government officials in the infamous FERTILIZER SCAM.

If the opposition or the minority bloc in Congress will be overrun by the votes of the majority – this bill will trigger dissent, like what happened in Romania.

Congress can legislate any law, however the propose bill No. 4727 is tantamount to decriminalize plunder, this nation will go to the dogs, again.


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