Let the bleeding starts in cleansing the PNP ranks so that the catharsis can start and the ending or resolution to the drama of the police scalawags.  It is here where the “cleansing” of both audience and protagonist is present. 


Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón




PRO-5 Public Information Officer, Police Senior Inspector Maria Luisa C. Calubaquib

PRO-5 Public Information Officer, Police Senior Inspector Maria Luisa C. Calubaquib

Legazpi City, [01.31.17] – The Police Regional Office – 5 will cease and desist from all anti-illegal drug operations and all drug related operations will be temporarily be conducted solely by the Phiippine Drug Enforcement Agency, PRO – 5 spokesperson told The Philipine Examiner on Tuesday.

According to Police Senior Inspector Maria Luisa C. Calubaquib, spokesperson of PR0-5 Regional Public Information Office, the Bicol PNP organization is now mandated to concentrate on seven [7] focus on other crimes such as robbery, murder, homicide, theft, carnapping, physical injuries rape, internal cleansing and police community relations activities.

However, walk-in surrenderers should still be processed at the Police Stations according to the PNP’s procedure and guidelines, If necessary, the PDEA will be augmented by the military in the conduct of its operations PSI Calubaquib explained.

The guidelines was issued by Police Chief Superintendent Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe, Regional Director of Police Regional Office – 5 on Monday, shortly after Philippine National Police [PNP] Chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa suspended the “Oplan Tokhang” or the anti-illegal drug operation after South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo was killed inside Camp Crame, the spokesperson said.

On the same vein, Calubaquib also clarified that on the cleansing of ranks among Bicol cops is not new to the organization and only few are scalawags. There are decided cases on the complaints filed against erring cops here and are only limited to drunkenness, physical injuries and illegal discharge of firearms – but no one was involve “toknapping”.

Relatively, Bicol cops are more disciplined than any other cops in some places as they were mould to be a responsible police, she ended