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ravLegazpi City, [04.18.15] – Bicol Tourism Director mulls in demanding public apology from a foreign blogger after maligning the Department of Tourism [DOT] officials as incompetent and efficient, Director Maria Ong-Ravanilla told The Philippine Examiner.

According to Director Ravanilla the comments posted by Nathan Allen in his blogspot was unfair considering that there was no prior notice given to us that he will visit Donsol and his alleged intention to promote tourist spots in the whale shark capital of the world.

Ravanilla explained that Donsol Tourism Office is not DOT managed. All Provincial, Municipal tourism offices are being managed by local government units, that  is why lambasting the name of DOT officials, as incompetent and inefficient is definitely unfair.

Second, Donsol is classified as community-based tourism and not everyone are Information Technology [I.T] followers, that is why, Nathan is not well known to them.

“Nathan should have practiced proper protocol of informing the local chief executive of Donsol, through official correspondence introducing himself properly, including his ultimate objective of promoting the area. But I do appreciate his sound observation”, Ravanilla said.

Meanwhile, the vice Chairman of the World Wildlife Foundation [WWF] Jose Maria Lorenzo Tan has also shared his personal opinion on Nathan Allen’s opinion as unfair, inaccurate statement.

Tan’s statement on the social media that the Department of Tourism core mandate is regulatory by nature, promoting new ideas and better management on tourism master plans.

It was learned that Allen’s rant has emanated from the absence of Donsol Tourism officer when he arrived.

Because of this incident, he posted his sad Donsol experience via blog.

A part of his observation said….  “I thought it would be good to inform their tourism officer of my arrival. They told me she was away, so I asked them to please text her for me. I left very detailed information about exactly who I was, and exactly why I was there. To be clear that I’m not just a “hobby blogger”, I mentioned that I had just come from Albay, where I was a guest of Governor Salceda. It was a last minute trip, and I would understand if she wasn’t able to assist me in exploring the region. However, I was hoping she would at least send me a text offering some suggestions for a few attractions I could promote in Donsol. I was disappointed that I never heard anything from her. I ended up booking a whale shark tour in the tourism office, and on my boat was a French tourist (pictured here) who was actually inspired to come to Bicol when he saw my photo in front of Mt. Mayon! Haha. I’m always surprised just how far the posts on “I Dreamed Of This” can reach”