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The Dreadful Solid Waste Management of Daraga

Is the banning the scaling of fish, removing the gills and internal organs from the fish inside the Daraga Public Market is a wholesome piece of local legislation in the municipality of Daraga, Albay?

Will this proposed ordinance that is under the sponsorship of the good municipal councillor Maning Comia will going to produce the silver bullet that will  make their dirty public market spick and span overnight?

My answer is NO!

The topsy-turvy condition of this public market is dreadful and it only conjures gross negligence and mismanagement on the part of its market administrator, Rafael Triunfante viz-a-vis, the reigning culture of untidiness among market vendors.

Banning the scaling, removing the gills and internal organs from the fish, is anti-people and anti-business that only constitute the myopic understanding on the part of Councilor Comia, pertaining to the scientific approach on the source reduction of solid waste materials in his municipality.

Why give the burden on the buyers of fish the trash, not on the fish vendors?

To address this gap, the market administrator the barangay council of market site together with the local solid waste management council of Daraga to perform their task and let them the responsible persons to institute discipline by implementing the local government unit ordinance on the Republic Act 9003 – rather than crafting another ordinance that will duplicate sanctions and penalties under the Republic Act 9003.

Long before the situation turned into a dreadful one, the local chief executive of Daraga is up to into something and deliberately ignored the program on the solidwaste management.

The proof is the closure of dumpsite in Peñafrancia.

The filthy odor permeating in the vicinity of Daraga Public Market poses danger to the health of the residents of the adjacent places. This inclement odor has affected the student’s comfort of two learning institutions situated in the area.

Mayor Gerry R. Jaucian and Municipal Councilor Maning Comia should act religiously and follow the law as they were given a mandate by their constituents.

Sitting on your laurels, is a cruelty to every Daragueños. Would you be kind enough to your constituents by reading, understanding on how to  implement  Section 10 of Republic Act 9003?

“SECTION 10. Role of LGU’s in Solid Waste Management. — Pursuant to the relevant  provisions of Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code, the LGUs shall be primarily responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the provisions of this Act within their respective jurisdictions.

Segregation and collection of solid waste shall be conducted at the barangay level specifically for biodegradable, compostable and reusable wastes: Provided, That the collection of non-recyclable materials and special wastes shall be the responsibility of the municipality or city.”

Councilor Comia, you don’t have the business to conduct your damn proposed municipal ordinance, because your proposed piece of legislation is  a rubbish in substance.