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Please, do not be blunt Governor


Catanduanes Governor Joseph C. Cua’s request to the Department of Justice dated November 29, 2016 requesting for the creation of an independent fact finding on the discovery of  shabu laboratory in Barangay Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes, will never shed light on the issue.

As of this posting, I would like to inform my readers that no formal police investigation formed – as the inventories that is being performed by the PNP – 5, PDEA – 5 and the Anti-Illegal Drugs Group, is yet to be concluded.

Although, initial investigation is underway, all of these are simply preliminary.

Investigators are still focusing on the profiling of the prime suspect, Jason Gonzales Uy. While the owner of the lot and the alleged caretaker, are also under investigation, because they are the material source that will unmask the group behind in the operation of the discovered shabu laboratory.

Again, the conduct of investigation still rests on the hands of the law enforcers so that the prosecution could start.

The request for an independent fact-finding body, if granted that will conduct parallel investigation is an insult to the leadership of Police Chief Superintendent Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe and the entire team tasked to investigate.

If the Governor smells political meddling, he is entitled to his opinion and discernment on the issue.

Accusing the media in meddling on the investigation, in the spirit of accountability – Governor Cua should name media personalities or media outfit who are guilty of meddling.

The ball is in your hands and the burden of proof, are now yours Governor.

Don’t make a serious general statement against the local media – because it is uncalled for being blunt about media practice.

All I can admonish to Governor Cua is to stay calm, sit back and relax, let the police do their work. Because if you possess with you the “arm of a clear conscience,” you can be at peace in the middle of your perceive fears.

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