The blast that killed 14 and maimed 71 persons in the night market along Roxas Boulevard in Davao City has showed the vulnerability of peace and order situation of any place in the country.

The ground zero happened right into the place of the incumbent President, who was touted to be the safest place to live and conduct business.

The act is barbaric, as the innocent victims never thought that a deadly blast  will going to happen within their midst – a first  bloody act of terror was consumated under the Duterte dispensation.

If indeed, there was already advance information, that this senseless carnge will  going to happened, What did the local public safety officers responses to the raw plot they had received? Did they treated the information as a potential threat and an imminent public danger is forhcoming?

If this happened in Davao City, this could also happen anywhere in the country,  anytime soon.

Since bombing incidents is no longer new in our country – mad bombers should be held responsible for their dreadful crime as the they had  feloniously conspired by detonating their explosive/s too close to the presidential turf, and they it did so soon against innocent civilians.