Mohammad Yusoph bin Abdillah


indananJolo, Sulu  [07.29.16] – At least three male and one female members of Abu Sayyaf Group was reportedly died, while two wounded government soldiers were also wounded in action in a fifteen minutes encounter between the government troops Philippine and  the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group, this morning in Barangay Langpas, Indanan, Sulu, a report said.

The troops from SOP-10, Marine Battalion Landing Team -10, led by 2nd Lieutenant Bandilla, PN [Marines] and 64th Marine Company led by 1st  Lieutenant Alberto D. Alvarez, PN [Marines] has encountered  an undetermined numbers of Abu Sayyaf Group while on patrol in the remote area of Barangay Langpas.

The government troops clashed the group of ASG leader believed to be under Alden Bagadi  alyas Sayning a ranking Sulu military official  confirmed.

The four casualties on Bagadi’s group has confirmed three males and one female casualty. Identities of the casualties are not available as of posting time.

airliftThe wounded soldier were identified as Private First Class Ruelito Pangan and Private First Class Ronald Karyacho. They were airlifted from Sulu to Zamboanga  City for medical treatment.

The wounded has suffered slight injuries, a military officer said in a statement.