Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón


Legazpi City [07.06.16] – Stop believing in lies because illegal drugs, is illegal drugs. This bitter reality came like a thief in the night on Tuesday afternoon inside the residence of Almayda family in Barangay Rawis, Legazpi City. The myth on illegal drug trade was turned ino a nightmare on the life of a suspected drug pusher.


The lifeless body of Michael Almayda y Sadia after the shoot-out.

Michael Almayda y Sadia, 26 years old, single, did not made it after he fought it against the elements of Legazpi City Police and Albay PNP Provincial Intelligence Branch who hatched an anti-narcotics buy-bust operation.

The bloody incident happened at 2:45 Tuesday afternoon inside the residence of Michael Almayda in Purok 3, Barangay Rawis, Legazpi City.

According to report, Legazpi City Police Station conducted a buy bust operation against Michael Almayda, however suspect resisted that led to a shoot-out between the operating team that led  to the suspect’s instantaneous death.

The operation has resulted also to the arrest of the following persons namely; Edgardo Almayda y Ala, 71 years old , married,Niño Almayda y Sadia, 29 years  old and Norby Alzaga y Arias, 39 years old and recovery of the twelve [12] pieces heat-seald suspected shabu and one [1] caliber .38 revolver.

Police also discovered an active bank deposit amounting to more than PhP 170 thousand in the name of Edgardo Almayda, the father of the victim. Investigator suspects, that the bank deposit might be illegally sourced, despite the older Almayda claim, its legally earned.


Twenty two [22] residents of Barangay Rawis who voluntary surrendered to the Barangay officials after the buy-bust operations are being assisted by Barangay officials of Rawis.

In the same vein, some 22 residents of Barangay Rawis has voluntary surrendered to the Barangay officials after the buy-bust operations.

The names of the surrenderees are withheld as of posting time for security reasons. It is estimated that more are going to surrender voluntarily in the coming days, an unnamed village official said.