The tough-talking incoming president who will be sworn in on June 30 has said his piece about his poor perception of Filipino media practitioners. His words are straightforward and harsh.

Quoting him “Many slain journalists in the Philippines had been corrupt and had “done something” to warrant being killed” is a vital sign of an impending threat in the lives of a working journalists under his watch.

Media industry in the country and in the world is not an exemption of having wayward practitioners who are guilty of committing vicious slander and other forms of media malpractices.

If found abusing the ethical standards of journalism, give him a day in court for libel and other criminal charges – not assassination.

The day of reckoning is upon the media industry to think and revisit that freedom of the press is not absolute – it has its own responsibilities to perform.

As a purveyor of truth, practicing the profession of journalism is not walk in the park, because every practitioner is bound to adhere to the tenets of ethical standard of journalism, even it will cost his/her life.

It’s unusual however, for the incoming president to attack the media industry in general and in a sweeping statement. The media belongs to the Fourth State – and it will remain as is under the democratic space – no matter what, no matter how..

The death of at least 75 journalists that have been killed since 1992, were crimes – and it is the government’s responsibility to bring the masterminds and the gunmen in court so that justice can be delivered to where it is due.

Unsolved media killings in the country is  a downright seduction to exempt the criminals to commit crimes because majority of the masterminds are powerful politicians who were involved in corrupt practices.

It is not also fair to bash the media industry in its entirity because, not all practicing journalists are son of a bitch.