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Assertion over Reservation

As the tabulation of the remaining 3.87 percent of the election returns [ERs] which is comprised of less than 1 million votes – the pain of waiting for the final count -brings suspense and jittery to the 2016 vice presidential race.

The bundle of nerves between vice presidential hopefuls, Congresswoman Lenie G. Robredo and Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos continue to run high as the 3.87 percent election returns are not yet counted.

Robredo’s camp was quoted recently in a statement inside the Ateneo campus in Loyola Heights by saying “it’s mathematically impossible for her closest rival to win.”

The statement of Robredo had enflamed the Marcos camp, by accusing Robredo of a premature pronouncement of winning.

Robredo’s pronouncement is a plain assertion to his 14,022,932 votes counted from the 96.13 percent of transmitted election returns – and there is nothing wrong to it.

In asserting her lead is not even precipitous. The commanding lead has made Marcos cranky or “pikon” over the sudden change in the partial and unofficial counts.

Apparently, Marcos reservation on the recent outcome is also an understatement of the 14,022,932 Filipino voters who opted to rally behind and voted for the human rights lawyer from Camarines Sur – as those 13,803,842 Filipinos voters who are still in favor for the return of plunder, crony capitalism and conjugal dictatorship.

True, the final count of the remaining 3.87 percent is yet to come. However, the Marcos camp and its supporters has already showed first their dirty bashing against Robredo.

The display of reservation from vice presidential candidate Marcos is understandable, but the nation who was onced plundered during their family’s reign of greed and terror, had again opted for the electoral process to elect a new breed of leaders of the land – being a younger stateman of the clan – Bongbong must exercise statesmanship and stoicism, particularly in time like this.


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