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The sudden switch of choice in the candidacy of Grace Poe as announced yesterday in public by Albay Governor Joey Sarte Salceda has stirred the the voters of this province anew. Among the most disturb are the “netizens” of the social media republic.

In my own terms, I resorted to my own joke when I saw the post yesterday by my friend Buen P. Owogowog on his timeline. And I replied to Manong Buen’s post in a jest, the guessing game is over.

As a neutaral political observer on the presidential race, it’s no big deal anymore to me if Governor Salceda shifted to the political camp of the foundling aspirant – because, I have seen it before, when he changed his t-shirt, from green to yellow.

I don’t want either to resort anymore the satirirical approach or to lampoon the man with what were the compelling reasons in arriving into such decision.

For whatever reasons there might be, at a glance, it is always personal considerations above all things that matters, including political party lines,  as he is the the captain of his ship and a master of his own political choice.

This does not also compels me also to invoke the issue about party allegiance and my answer is NO.

In the present political landscape of Albay, there is no party discipline to talk about, as there is no model one. Inside the Liberal Party like in Legazpi City – there is none, due to the bickering and undecisiveness in coming up with a common vice mayoral candidate.

That is why there is the Bobby Cristobal – Vittorio Roces vice mayoral competition. It is not?

The present set-up is can be only be described in one word, it’s a mix-nuts.

Salceda was not honed to be a mold of a conservative politician, as he  belong to his own political genre under the contemporary politics. Given his political pedigree, He cannot be compared to a conservative politician as he will not easily adhere to the old and tried approach.

He has its own political strategy, political machinery that is being operated by his political operators, advisers and strategist to handle.

In the same manner I cared not if his decision to switch party allegiance is a loss to the Liberal Party, nor a tactical gain to the candidacy of the foundling presidential aspirant.

What matters to all of us here in the second district of Albay in particular, his unfinished implementation of the Alobo International Airport and the completion of GUICADALE infrastructure project must not be hampered as the the funds are already in the pipeline.

If the delayed release of the funds for the Alobo International Airport and the  unfulfilled promise of President Aquino to release the budget for the recently concluded Palarong Pambansa as the final consideration to leave the party. It is now the problem of the Roxas camp  and the ruling political party.

As the saying goes, if you shut the door, windows will going to open and these was seen by the political officers of Poe as an opportunity to knock at the door of Salceda.

As a voter I see no worry on this political party shifting done by Governor Salceda because he saw the time has come to use the transit point. After all liberalism is a trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.

For Salceda, the die is cast. As a voter, my sovereign vote is mine and will cast my vote to my choice congressman, without a president.