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Matnog is a 4th class municipality in the province of Sorsogon, situated in the southernmost tip of the island of Luzon. The town earned its name from the adjective “matunog” [very audible] that describes the loud sound of the waves of the San Bernardino Strait where the wild currents of the Pacific Ocean and the West Philippine Sea meets. Olive Gumba admitted during the interview.

“La Playa Rosa” is being planned by the local legislative council as the most appropriate name  describing the pink sands of Calintaan Island in due time, Gumba added.

Its pale pink sands of Calintaan Island can be traced to the dead pink corals belonging to the genus Pocillopora under phylum Cnidaria. They are commonly called cauliflower corals and brush corals. This type of coral abounds in the San Bernardino Strait.

Coral sand is a sand of particles originating in tropical and sub-tropical marine environments from bio-erosion of the limestone skeletal material of marine organisms. One example of this process is that of parrotfishes which bite off pieces of coral, digest the living tissue, and excrete the inorganic component as silt and sand.

Aside from the pale pink sands, Calintaan, whose name was derived from a local word “calantas” which means rocks, also boasts of unexplored caves and underground river channels.

According to Gumba, this village is so unique from the rest of Matnog.

The Pacific Ocean and the Western Philippine Sea meet along the San Bernardino Strait; thereby making the waters off Calintaan somehow perilous to navigation because of strong currents that run wild particularly during the monsoon season.

Although isolated from the mainland municipality, its geographical location is literally, a gift to the residents of Calintaan. It’s remoteness from the poblacion and rural scenery is its natural beauty.

That is why the pale pink sands are remarkably preserved.  Every tourist setting foot on Subic beach will always agree that isolation sometimes, is a blessing to this pristine island.

Pale Pink Sand: Subic na Sabay Beach front

Pale Pink Sand: Subic na Sabay Beachfront

Calintaan Island is considered as one of the most peaceful barangays [village] of Matnog, This island village faces the neighboring Capul Island in Northern Samar. The fishing village sits along the in the eastern seaboard where the famous San Bernardino Strait is located.

Subic beach is the pride of Calintaan Island with its unsullied sands; it is now the latest addition to the long list of potential tourist destinations in Sorsogon.

Calintaan is one of the unique place, where one can commune with nature. Its rustic environment is another plus factor. Probably, this is one of the emerging tourist destination in the province — particularly the beach fronts of Sorsogon, facing the Pacific.

The stretch of captivating pale pink sands can be found only in Subic na Saday and Subic na Daku. Subic na Saday, according to Pedro Almocera, 57 years old tenant, Subic na Saday is a privately-owned resort owned by Mila Estrelon, While Subic na Daku  have multiple claimants Matnog’s Tourism Officer,

Calintaan can be reached via motorized banca. Travel time is more or less thirty minutes from Matnog town proper. A chartered banca ride would only cost at PhP1,500 for a   whole day  island tour.

A guided tour package includes a trek to the underground river, island-hopping and a trip to the municipal fish sanctuary in the lagoon of nearby Juag Island is included in the tour package that is being offered to visiting tourists.

A fish-feeding experience with groupers and other species of fish inside the lagoon is undeniably a thrilling Juag lagoon experience.

The lagoon was a declared local fish sanctuary by the Matnog Municipal Fishery Council and is being managed by its members.