Ann T. Hápás

Google Map of Zamboanga City Pier.

Google Map of Zamboanga City Pier.

Zamboanga City [03.27.16] –The Basilan – based Abu Sayaff Group bomber was reported arrested today by the elements of Military Intelligence Group -9 at the premise of Zamboanga Pier, a Zamboanga police official said.

The source who asked not to be named as he was not authorized to reveal the result of the operation has identified the arrested Basilan – based Abu Sayaff Group bomber, Hamjala Aharun alyas Pagari/Ikkuk.

The suspect was arrested by virtue of warrant of arrest against Aharun for kidnapping and serious illegal detention with ransom issued by Judge Toribio E. Ilao, Jr of Pasig City Regional Trial Court under criminal case number 128923 – HA to E with 6 counts.

Incidental to the arrest, an improvised explosive device [IED] was recovered from the possession of Pagari.

Explosive Ordnance Division unit in Zamboanga City is still establishing the quantity of the explosive.