Ann T. Hápás

Quezon,PalawanQuezon, Palawan [03.21.16] – The two foreign nationals who were reported missing were rescued at 5:00 o’ clock this afternoon while drifting off the of the coast of Quezon, Palawan are now in good health conditions and they are in the custody of the Philippine Coast Guard in Palawan, a report said.

In a report received from the Philippine Coast Guard  by The Philippine Examiner tonight, the duo were rescued in the sea after their yacht has run out of fuel after sailing from Kudat, Malaysia last March 16 for Palawan.

The scarlet vessel was found drifting in the waters off Balabac, Palawan on Saturday without the passengers and was believed they were kidnapped as earlier reported.

The yacht who was skippered by an Australian national who was only  identified as Neil with his female Dutch companion named Marchie has ran out of fuel while sailing to the Philippine from Kudat, Malaysia, Coast Guard official said.

The scarlet sea vessel bound for the Philippine Sea was reported missing by Philip Maise of the Puerto Princesa City -based Abanico Yacth Club on Saturday after they lost track with the passengers on board.

The Philippine Coast Guard in Puerto Princesa City are now preparing the necessary coordination with their Malaysian counterpart, for the possible return of the rescued Australian and Dutch nationals to their port of origin.