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Dubai Police. Photo grab from Google.

Dubai Police. Photo grab from Google.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – [02.28.16]  –  A breakthrough in the police  investigation conducted by Dubai Police on the grisly murder of a Filipina nanny  in Dubai, United Arab Emirates  has been reported by a Dubai-based online newspaper, Khaleej Times on Thursday and has disclosed the principal suspect to be a Pakistani national.

Khaleej Times website has posted the news revealing the discovery uncovered by Dubai Police on the identity of the suspect who killed Maria Lenlie Oliverio to be a Pakistani national identified as a certain Khorshed.

Police investigation revealed that the suspect is working in the building’s janitorial company and was living in a room on the roof of Dubai International City’s England Cluster building.

Maria Lenlie S.Oliverio. Photo courtesy by OFW KALINGAWAN.

Maria Lenlie S.Oliverio. Photo courtesy by OFW KALINGAWAN.

The crime of murder was consummated in flat number 206 of a building in Dubai International City’s England Cluster on February 16, 2016 and was reported on February 19 at 8:00 o’ clock in the evening. After an Asian sales executive has reported the crime to police authorities after he found the dead body of the victim lying in a pool of blood.

The suspect who admitted the crime when police questioned him about his scratches on his neck and face.

Korshed’s confessed that he committed the crime out of revenge, when  he was called by the victim as “idiot”  following the  dousing of water on his face, while cleaning the corridor.

He admitted  that he took a knife and a screw driver in a nearby restaurant before entering the flat of the victim.  The Filipina fought back and broke the  knife, he switched the screw in assaulting the hapless victim until she fell to the ground.  He took another knife in the kitchen until his victim died, the report said.

The victim sustained 23 stab wounds and a slash on her throat.

A robbery was also uncovered by the police after a corroborative statement made by the informant who reported the crime.

Police has recovered the shoes of the suspect  on the roof of the building including and the screw driver and the knives used in the crime.

The  crime of was already filed against Korshed before the Dubai Public Prosecution office.

The filing of case against the Pakistani national has shed light to the previous reports that Harris Pichatara, the Indian national live-in partner of Oliverio was behind to her death.