Daraga Municipal Tourism Officer Agapita S. Pacres

Daraga Municipal Tourism Officer Agapita S. Pacres

Daraga, Albay, [02.08.15] – The Municipal Tourism Officer of Daraga, Albay expressed gladness to be included in the venue of the first XTerra  Albay Off Road Triathlon event in the celebration of Cagsaua Festival 2015.

“This will definitely boost our campaign to attract more tourists to visit Daraga and enjoy the tourism potentials of Daraga in general, and the unique  rugged terrain of  Busay river bed  with the imposing  sight of  the scenic Mount Mayon as the back drop of the finish line, is really surprising for the participants” Agapita Segui Pacres  told this morning in an interview with The Philippine  Examiner in Cagsaua Ruins.

She also revealed  that the venue is the counterpart to the competition and the preparatory stage, the office of the Municipal Tourism office was invited  in several meetings  which was spearheaded  by the provincial government  of Albay.  The preparations of the event was with the provincial government and the barangay officials  of Busay also took their part in clearing  the event which was supervised by the municipal tourism office.

bikesExTerra Albay Off Road Triathlon was participated by  307 triathletes from abroad and national extreme sports enthusiasts including celebrities.

The Triathlon Challenge started in Santo Domingo, Albay through swimming, the biking staged was held in Bike Course in Buyuan Gully and the uphill running   was held  in the river bed of Busay and  the finished line was held inside the Cagsaua Ruins.

The event is the first championship competition this year in Albay

The winners are the following; Brad Weiss clocked 2 minutes and 28 seconds to win the race in the full category, followed by Mauricio Mendez of Mexico, 2:28:58; Ben Allen of Australia, 2:33:51; Brodie Gardner, 2:40:35; and Charlie Epperson, 2:51:20.

John Leerams Chicano ranked first in the Filipino Elite full category by clocking 2:51:17 in the race.

In the female category, Flora Duffy of Bermuda ranked first by clocking 2:43:40; followed by Jacqui Slack of Great Britain, 2:56:51; Dimity-Lee Duke of Australia, 3:03:18; Mieko Carey of Guam, 3:06:39 and Renata Bucher of Switzerland, 3:12:53.

The race was participated by 307 triathletes from 18 countries. Among the Filipino personalities that took part in the race were Senator Pia Cayetano and actor-triathletes Ryan Agoncillo, who came with his wife Judy Ann Santos, Matteo Guidicelli and Paul Jake Castillo.