The passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law is cruising now the dire strait before the campaign for the national election hit the road. The election fever is the additional obstruction,that will alter its course of ratification – as aspirants will go on leave, to campaign.

They will bring the discourse on the proposed bill in their party and individual platforms to say the least, either they are in affirmative or they are in negative to the proposed bill as the quorum was not mustered.

As this unfolding event happening in the national scene, the Bangsamoro aspirations to own an inclusive autonomy was nixed, because the bloods of the Mamasapano victims has served as the jinx  that haunted the MILF, OPPAP to obstruct its timely passage.

The recent pronouncement made by Moro Islamic Liberation Front against the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process for lack of political will, is a  sign of last burst of energy towards the ebbing Noynoying governance.

Taking the words of Senator Franklin Drilon, that the stars don’t align in the passage of the bill by blaming the wasted time incurred during the Senate hearing on the botched operation – is tantamount to a legislative swan song of sort.

The trust deficit in the haphazardly crafted Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro was given a final blow of the succeeding blunders committed both by MILF and the government on equal representation – by picking the MILF exclusively on the peace negotiation.

In the onset the ill-motive from the government side and the MILF has been tainted with ominous intentions as aggravated by the meddling of America, Malaysia and Japan by twitting euphemistically the peace to hide their hegemonic interests towards the natural resources of Central Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago