Moses and his Biblical Stone Tablet.

Moses and his Biblical Stone Tablet.

Daraga, Albay – [01.26.16] – If Moses is alive today, He will not hesitate to throw the Holy Stone Tablets upon Gloria and Rovensendo  as they  feloniously transgressed the seventh commandments on Monday inside the lodging house in downtown Daraga, Albay.

The scandalous scene has transpired in a lodging house in Barangay Kimantong when Jesus Velasco caught his wife Gloria, checking-out from a room together with her paramour, Rovensendo.

Although Jesus was already in a miserable state of seeing her cheating wife in the loving arms ofkabit Rovensendo, he still opted to seek police assistance, and have the incident recorded in a police blotter, and pronounced that he will separate from his wife, Gloria.

According to Jesus Velasco, his wife asked permission from him yesterday that she will go to Daraga. After his wife has changed her clothes, Jesus secretly checked the where about of Rovensendo, who is their neighbor.

Without the knowledge of Gloria, her husband Jesus immediately boarded a public utility vehicle in Cabiguan, Pilar, Sorsogon bound for Daraga and tailed his wife  – and his suspicion was proven that his wife was indeed cheating on him with their neighbor.