The search for justice of the families of Mamasapano Massacre is far from over after the senate hearing had failed in prosecuting the accountable persons for the wholesale killing of SAF 44.

The pain of waiting is aggravating because the crime has no culprit – despite of the magnitude of the crime committed last January 25, 2015 in Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

The issue of justice for the Fallen 44 is now a political call, demanding for a political trial of the leaders who were directly involved in the botch counter-terrorism operation in the lair of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, where the fugitive Zulkifli bin Hir is hiding.

The conspicuous valor of the fallen police commandoes is always a given culture among our public safety officer, but a failure to prosecute the culprit is a total cowardice display of a “NOYNOYING” government.

The government token financial assistance amounting to PhP188 million is just a simple “side dressing” of sort, because the main course is still to come – and that is justice.

In refusing to tag the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as the butchers and felons to the wholesale killing – is an act of treason committed by the tenants of Malacañang.

As we remember our fallen heroes for their gallantry, the country is demanding bureaucratic magnanimity in dispensing justice and this is the resounding political call for Aquino to act and walk his talk that justice is attainable under his mantle of leadership.

The utter failure to dispense speedy justice and unabashedly cuddling the MILF troops who were responsible in the death of SAF 44, Aquino is  allowing the “invisible flag of death to fly in his  pre-conceived democratic space” known to the people as MATUWID NA DAAN.

The sense of equality is earnestly sought to show the presidential preferential altruism, otherwise the widows and orphans of SAF-44 will forever hoist their flags in half-mast.