MapofLibonLibon, Albay, – [01.18.16] – The cadaver of Edwin Secretario y Satoquia who was reported missing was discovered on Sunday afternoon by Barangay Tanod Joenes Gaco buried in a shallow pit in the forested area between areas of Sitio Tagbac and Sitio Caratagan, in Barangay Macabugos, Libon, Albay.

The cadaver was discovered on Sunday at 2:15 in the afternoon and was partially covered with soil with blindfold and both hands were tied at the back with several bruises in the different parts of the body.

Initial information released by Libon Municipal Police Station, the victim was possibly mauled to death by four suspected members of the notorious Concepcion Group.

A post-mortem will be conducted at the Rural Health Unit of Libon and Libon Municipal Police is still conducting investigation relative to the case.

On Sunday, on  or about 1:05 o’ clock in the afternoon, January 17, 2016 Edmundo Secretario reported to Libon Municipal Police Station that Edwin Secretario y Satoquia did not returned home after he left his residence in Sitio Tagbak, Macabugos, Libon, Albay in company of four armed persons, wearing military fatigue outfits.

According to report the victim left his house at  6:00 o’ clock in the morning  of January 16, 2016. That was the last time he was seen alive.

The casket of Police Senior Inspecto

Adios Joerem. The casket of Police Senior Inspector Joerem C. Kallos is carried to his final resting place.

The disappearance and the death of Edwin Secretario is the latest recorded incident of abduction and murder in Libon, Albay following the killing of the deputy chief of police of Libon Municipal Police Station, Police Senior Inspector Joerem C. Kallos, last December 29, 2015.

Police Senior Inspector Kallos, was assassinated in Sitio Pinagbadilan, Buga, Libon, Albay while conducting checkpoint in support to the arresting officers that are about to arrest Gilbert Concepcion.