The Police Regional Office in Bicol will face discontent and dissent from the members of PRO-5 Press Corps after having a bad experience with the head of the Police Community Relations last Monday.

The incident happened inside the office of RPIO in Camp Simeon  A. Ola. after Police Superintendent Juanito Echaluce Enguera displayed an air of indifference towards the President of PRO-5 Press Corps, Alex Mirandilla.

Police Superintendent Enguera has displayed utter coldness towards the plan in having a team building with the Press Corps by bluntly saying  a word of  apathy – THAT MEDIA AND POLICE ARE NOT THE SAME.

Being designated as the head of Police Community Relation office of the Police Regional Office – 5, Enguerra has committed  a gross ignorance of his office functions and priority in forging desirable media relations in the first place – including its core mandate.

Team building has been a customary tool of intervention between RPIO and PRO-5 Press Corps  in fostering camarariderie ever since. This is a traditional way and approach in harnessing harmonious working relation between PNP personnel and the PRO-5 Press Corps in Camp Ola long before he arrived and designated as the head of PCR.

Since the formal creation and of formation of a working PRO-5 Press Corps, police and media has already been peacefully co-existed as partner, and as a community.

However, the sudden turn of event last Monday, Enguerra has showed the vital sign that he does not recognize the relevant role of the media in the police community.

Enguerra was out of sync and had courted discontent rather giving importance of harmony that has been forged up to the last minute of Police Chief Superintendent Victor P. Deona’s tour of duty.

He should be relieve at once from his current designation – as he is a  square peg, on a round hole.

This police officer should take a short course on Sociology – to understand the word “COMMUNITY”. It is a great risk of PRO-5 in keeping him in that office as he does not comprehend that a community is a social contract.

Within this scientific discipline, he should learn that the “sociological construct,” is a set of interactions, that provide the real essence and meaning of  human behaviours, the relevance and meaning of expectations between its members. Not just action, but actions based on shared expectations, values, beliefs and meanings between individuals.

It appears that law enforcement under the mantle of leadership of Police Chief Superintendent Augusto M. Marquez, Jr, does not need the PRO-5 Press Corps, as displayed by the head of Police Community Relations of PRO-5 – who is so ignorant about the importance community relations.