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Kidnap Victim Malaysian Bernard Ghen Ted Fen

Kidnap Victim Malaysian Bernard Ghen Ted Fen

Jolo, Sulu, [11.18.15] – A Malaysian national was reportedly beheaded by his captors in their lair on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the source who informed The Philippine Examiner  through a phone call, the beheading of  Bernard Ghen Ted Fen, 39, years old was carried out by the group of Commander Idang  Susukan and Sub Leader  Bagadi on November 17, 2015 at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

indanan,suluThe male kidnap victim was beheaded in the mountain of Taran, Indanan, Sulu, the source confirmed.

The  Abu Sayyaf  was forced to execute their captive due to intense military operations in the area and  deceptiveness of the negotiator to deliver the exact amount of the ransom money, the source added.

It was learned that the PhP 350 million ransom money was not delivered in full amount, although the money was already sent by the families of the victim to an unnamed negotiator.

“The negotiator only paid the amount of PhP30 million that is why we only freed the 50-year-old woman Thien Yuk Fun last November 8, 2015 and Fen has to be decapitated,” the source explained.

The decapitated head was found abandoned near the Jolo Municipal Hall Tuesday night at around 8:30 o’ clock in the evening.

Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

The two Malaysian nationals were abducted in May 15, 2015 inside  the Ocean King Resort restaurant, in Sandakan, Eastern Sabah, Malaysia.

Malaysian intelligence earlier indicated that the kidnappers were from the notorious Muktadil Brothers, a kidnap-for-ransom family based in Tawi-Tawi, southern Philippines.