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Reverend Father Oliver CastorLegazpi City, [09.19.15]
 Even the the Church of Our Lady Perpetual Help was not spared by the corporate impunity under the questionable private corporation called – APEC, has forced a priest to go to the street to protest on Saturday . The excesses and messes of a private corporation endorsed by the local clerico-political  in  Albay has forced a Redemptorist priest  to stage a protest by fasting in front of the gate of Albay Power and Energy Corporation [APEC], to dramatize the sufferings of the member-consumers  of ALECO under the rule of corporate impunity.

In an interview by The Philippine Examiner with Father Oliver Castor, a member of Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris [C.Ss.R] – they are a victim of the excess of privatization of ALECO and, they too are being castigated, through “religious persecution” by the management of  APEC, the source admitted.

“The arbitrary disconnection of APEC’s employees in cutting  the electricity among ALECO member-consumer has been the order of the day, and it goes with impunity. On Wednesday at around 3:00 o’ clock in the afternoon three APEC employee indiscriminately disconnected us and they took away the fuse. Father Castor said.

The power supply was restored by ALECO employee one against us, after the power supply was restored, they took our transformer  last Friday. Until now, we are relying on generator.

Their disconnection is an atrocities committed against us  and it was so disturbing to us, because we are in the process in organizing our regional religious activity. The  Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris in Bicol has scheduled to bring the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help all over the region. This to fulfill our apostolic work to bring the Icon here so that the devotees of Our Lady of Perpetual Help can venerate without going to Rome he added.Father Castor explained.

This corporate impunity must be stop, as the privatization of utilities like water and electricity are not the solution to efficient delivery of serevices. This is the opportune time to question the legality of APEC’s operation here in Albay after the dubious referendum.

There should be a democratic process  where the majority should be given a chance to decide, not to the  dictates of the minority, he lamented.

In the same vein – He also cited Pope Francis’  Encyclical Letter “Laudato Si’” on privatization of water including electricity that our local politicians here must reflect on the evils of privatization.

Kaya mag pa fasting ako dito sa gilid ng kalsada, malapit sa gate ng APEC, kung sino ang gusto, sumama. [I will do fasting here beside the road near the gate of APEC, to those who want, join me], he ended.