Anne T. Hapas

The ill-fated bus

The ill-fated bus

Zamboanga City, [09.18.15] A powerful blast went off killing an eleven years old female passenger and injuring 32 passengers this afternoon in Labuan Bus Terminal along Tomas Claudio Street, Zamboanga City. 

The eleven year old lass died on the spot, but was rushed to a nearest hospital. The 32 injured passengers were also rushed to different hospitals like, Zamboanga City General Hospital, Brent and Puericulture Hospita in down town Zamboanga City

According to Abdel Kanti, head of Zamboanga City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, the blast happened at around 2:07 this afternoon.

busThe bus of  Biel Transportation Corporation with body number 1641 and plate number JVN-978 has just arrived at the Tomas Claudio Street and the passengers are preparing to leave for Labuan, Zamboanga City when the bomb went off, another source said.

The names of lone casualty is not yet released as of posting time.

The initial lists of 26 injured obtained by The Philippine Examiner are the following; 1.Crizzane E. 17 years old, Female of Talungatong 2.Hamida A.20 Female of Limpapa 3.  Abner J, 20 years old, Male of Lamitan 4.Jarwayne A. 28 years old Male of Lower Calarian 5.Taib J 75 years old, Male of Sibuco 6.Nursida J 14 years old. Female of Sibuco 7.Margie L. 42 years old, Female of Labuan 8. Henry T, 23 years old of Labuan 9.Wayne L, 7 years old, Male of Labuan 10. Muktar M, 35 years old, Male of Ayala 11. Al Shariff Alamia, 17 years old, Male of Baliwasan 12. Benhar S. 29 years old, Male of Talon-Talon 13. Rismar R. 25 years old, Male of Pitogo 14. Nurisa R. 25 years old, Female of Pitogo 15. Hassan Cuevas 54 years old, Male of Sinunuc 16. Haymar H 14 years old, Male of Labuan 17. Felix B, 52 years old, Male of Labuan 18. Maria Raina S, 46 years old, Female of Sinubong 19. Rosiena K, 50 years old, Female of Limppa 20. Jaymark P, 20 years old, Male of Sinubong 21. Nunsa S, 18 years old , Female of Limpapa 22. Roldan E, 16 years old, Male of Santa Maria 23. Agnes Bejerano, 34 years old, Female of Tumanday, San Roque 24. Nasari M, 58 years old, Male of Tumanday, San Roque 25. Fia, 11 years old, Female of Sibuco 26. Benhur Jainal, 28 years old, Male of Sinunoc.

This is the second bombing incident that hit Zamboanga City, last January 23, 2015 early  a power explosion near a bus terminal has killed two people and wounded 50 others.