Anne T. Hapas

Map of Siasi, Sulu

Map of Siasi, Sulu

Siasi, Sulu, [08.26.15] The village chief of Kabbon,Pandami, Sulu was among those who were reported killed including ten other persons in a forty minutes fierce fighting on Tuesday between the group of Rashid Hadjiluddin and Alam Sayadi in Sitio Masillam, Barangay Pislong, Siasi town, Siasi Police report said.

According Police Senior Inspector Annidul M. Sali, Siasi Municipal Police Station chief there are eleven persons  confirmed to be killed on Tuesday afternoon clash.

Among those killed is the former village chief of  Kabbon,Pandami, Sulu Rashid Hadjiluddin, while ten other persons from Alam Sayadi Group, Police Senior Inspector Sali told the Philippine Examiner.

Among those identified casualties are, Sakili Musahari, Almackdil Alam, son of Alam Sayadi and Koler Amado while eight others are still be identified.

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015 about 2:00 o’ clock in the afternoon the group of Alam Sayadi of East Kungtad attacked  the group of Rashid Hadjiluddin had a forty minutes intense gunfight  in Sitio Masillam, Barangay Pislong, Siasi, that resulted to deaths of eleven persons, Sali said.

The wounded leader of the armed group, Alam Sayadi was brought to Bongao, Tawi-Tawi  by his aides for medical treatment, a highly placed source said.

Early on August 23, the sporadic fighting between the warring Sayadi group and Hadjiluddin has already started, that has almost turned the poblacion of Siasi into a battle zone.

According to police investigation, the motive of the long standing feud between the group is the long standing land dispute.