“Tell your children, do not talk to strangers in public” Castilla Mayor tells parents and teachers to ensure children’s safety against potential harms of abduction.


Apó E. Hápa and Cherry G. Lolos






Castilla Mayor Joan Lorenzano-Aquende. Google photo file.

Castilla Mayor Joan Lorenzano-Aquende. Google photo file.

Castilla, Sorsogon, [03.07.19] – The Mayor of Castilla, Sorsogon has issued a public statement this morning via social media urging vigilance from the public to ensure the safety of their minor children from any potential harms from street abduction.

In her Facebook post, Mayor Joan Lorenzano-Aquende is admonishing parents to remind their children to refrain talking to anyone particularly strangers – she also imploring school teachers to take action in making schools safe.

Mayor Lorenzano-Aquende also advised elected village officials, village watchmen, barangay peace action teams (BPAT’s) and members of the Barangay Defense System (BDS) including the members of the local police in Castilla to intensify the visibility by periodic village visitations.

The Lady Chief Executive came out her public statement to give emphasis on the security of minors in her municipality in response to the attempted abduction of minors in Barangay Cumadcad yesterday.

The failed abduction against the victim was done in a broad daylight by three male suspects, the supposed target of abduction has managed to thwart the snatching attempt by eluding the abductors, the statement said.

Details and other information on the used vehicles including its suspected occupants are still being investigated by Castilla police, the statement ended.

The identity of the victim is withheld for security reasons.

Meanwhile, last March 1, 2019, a lady suspected kidnapper was arrested in Barangay Balogo, Sorsogon City.

The suspect was identified as Evangeline Butron Irapta, 53 years old, married and a resident of 1297 Puma Street Post Proper Southside, Makati City and a native of Sierra Bullones, Bohol.

She was arrested in a pursuit operation after the minor and the mother had told the village officials and alerted the local police.