The kins of Pedrito Marco R. Tibay and Pete John Carlo T. Rima cries foul on the handling of Friday Binitayan bloody anti-illegal drug raid.


Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón 


Crying for Justice – Message at the Gate is prominently displayed at the Tibay’s Residence in Barangay Binitayan. www, file photo.

Crying for Justice – Message at the Gate is prominently displayed at the Tibay’s Residence in Barangay Binitayan. www, file photo.

Daraga, Albay, [02.26.19] The family of the two slain suspects in the February 22 in Barangay Binitayan is pursuing their quests for justice in court for their killed relatives against the justness of the handling of police operations that turned into a bloody anti-illegal drugs operation, the sources revealed in an interview.

In an interview made by with Ms. Dulce Tibay, the mother of Pete John Carlo Tibay Rima has categorically revealed their family plan to file a legal action against the law enforcers who are behind in the deaths of their son Pete John Carlo and his cousin Pedrito Marco.

“We will file a case in the regular court and in the Commission on Human Rights with the guidance of our trusted private lawyer,” Ms. Tibay said during the interview.

In the same vein, Mr. Carmelo Rima, the father of Pete John Carlo in his issued statement last Saturday to makes my son one of the thousands of defenseless victims War on Drugs victims. And while parents and the society have a role to play, the government should offer a preventive and corrective remedy to the drug menace rather than killing spree.

Mel Rima who is a veteran journalist has described the bloody ends of Pete John Carlo and Pedrito Marco as “overkill.”

“My son who sustained 14 gunshot wounds on his body has shown that he and his cousin were killed by the operatives in an overkill fashion,” the elder Rima said.

Another, member of the Tibay family who requested anonymity also admitted in the same interview this afternoon that the operatives have entered their compound on board on a sedan, wearing no official police uniforms.

“That was almost 6:00 0’ clock in the evening (Friday) they rushed towards the room at the back portion of their compound where the three victims are playing computer games.”

One of the operatives has ordered the house occupants (near the compound’s gate) to get inside – then a bursts gunfire ensued in the room where my cousins and their friend lounging then.

The bursts of gunfire went for approximately 30 minutes.

After the gunfire had subsided and all of us had a strong sense that bloodshed has transpired at the house at the back – we were not allowed to by the police to get near to the area.

We were only had our chance to have a piece of knowledge to the incident when the scene of the crimes operatives was done with the crime scene processing.

The anti-illegal drugs operation (buy-bust) has resulted in the seizure of one piece of plastic sachet containing suspected shabu and recovered and four other small sachets with an estimated street value of more or less PhP15,000.00.

Pedrito Marco  Tibay, a.k.a. “Mao”, 34 years old, Jeruh Salem Catubig y Nidea, 37 years old a.k.a. “Bunker” and Pete John Carlo Rima y Tibay 35, years old died in this operation.

Three calibers .38 pistols were recovered inside the crime scene.

The joint personnel of Daraga Municipal Police Station, 2nd Albay Provincial Mobile Force Company (2nd Albay PMFC), Police Intelligence Branch (PIB), Regional Intelligence Division 5 (RID5), Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA ROV), Regional Mobile Force Batallion 5 (RMFB5), 97 Military Intelligence Company (97 MICO), 9th Military Intelligence Batallion (9th MIB) and 9th Infantry Division, Philippine Army (9th ID PA) has conducted buy-bust operation.

Police Senior Inspector Mayvell Barcia Gonzales, Public Information Officer of Albay Police Provincial Office was not available for an interview by this publication to get the side of the Police Provincial Office despite the earlier notice made to have an interview on the issue.