The trail of death is unattractive and the odor of the spilled blood inside the compound of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is obscene and barbaric.

The twin blasts that killed 21 persons and maimed 111 others is ugly portraiture depicting ruthlessness and insanity as it has portrayed decay, decadence and even volatility of being a resident of Jolo, Sulu.

I did not write this because I am a relative to one of the victims (hurt/killed) in the carnage that was, nor I am a Roman Catholic or an Islam – but I was compelled to write this because I am a FILIPINO.

Who benefits from this barbaric acts?

The answer to this imperative question is plain and simple – NO ONE, EXCEPT SATAN.

The Sunday bloodbath was a vicious, but it was again savagely followed three days after, on past Wednesday evening in Barangay Talon-Talon in Zamboanga City two have died and four were hurt in the grenade throwing inside the Mosque.

In simple terms the devils don’t hesitate to sow terror anytime and anywhere as they see an opportunity to make a kill – they will strike at will even when you are inside a place of worship.

The adoption of the guiding philosophy of the  Whole-of-Government Approach among government service agencies must indeed work hard across portfolio boundaries to achieve a shared goal and an integrated government response to combat terrorism in the province of Sulu or anywhere else in the country..

This is now the challenge among the public safety managers in Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao particular on the level of the ARMM Regional Peace and Order Council to align their common visions and programs to arrive on a common approach that will address the long term solution to internal security concerns.

By the time this challenge is accepted, they should inform the stakeholders on what prospect there is in this philosophy to rally support.

The key word is – INFORM THE PEOPLE.

Keeping Tausugs uninformed is keeping them in the dark and the skeptics, critics will incessantly doubt about the real state of the public safety and internal security issue will not muster support from them as they do not have knowledge on the Whole-of-Government Approach philosophy.

Accountability and transparency will be a driver that will motivate people to support the program as it will going to erase doubt on the credibility and capability of the government to be on the top of the situation.

Rounding up these mad bombers and slapping them with reasonableness will teach them the lessons what retribution means.

A bureaucratic failure will pave the way for a failed state if Duterte administration cannot prove its worth that the government who is under Martial Law is still in control over the volatile situation in Lupah Sūg.