The violence using a gun is in our midst and the consequence is obscene.

The gun attack last Saturday in Barangay Burgos in Daraga town was done by masked perpetrators in a brazen fashion to sow terror and death in broad daylight means submission and control.

The cold blood murders of Congressman Rodel M. Batocabe and his security escort, SPO1 Orlando S. Diaz was unthinkable – as they were butchered without mercy before a terrorized crowd was their seizing moment to attack their unsuspecting victims.

Truly the angels of death came like thieves in the night using the element of surprise to commit a crime against their victims.

Maiming seven other civilians who are mostly in their twilight years was absurd move crafted by the irrational assassins as they painted blood on the gate of Burgos Elementary School with their wanton disregard of a precious gift of life.

It was a senseless carnage in the highest form that needs to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. The silent minority, although were cowed in fear during the bloodbath joins with complete resolve to amplify public outrage adding a voice in fighting collectively the reigning impunity in our beloved Bikol region.

Although a police investigation is to be concluded just yet by the newly formed investigative body – the thinking Daragueños deserve a scientifically concluded police investigation at the end of the day that will point the motives, perpetrators and above all – the mastermind to the murder.

The public clamor to indict the perpetrators to this crime is high.

The Saturday Burgos Bloodbath is interpreted by some observers as a possible bloody election scenario in this first class municipality in the forthcoming midterm election.

As that blood-stained gift-giving in Burgos is purely political in nature – the blood that spilled has already stained the electoral process of Daraga next year.

Whether it has a political or ideological undertones to the crime, whether there will be no political camp and an armed ideological group will own to this foul murder – the issue remains, UNMASK THE MASTERMINDS AND MAKE DARAGA A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE IN!

As the Year of the Earth Dog closes in peace loving Daragueños are about to meet The Year of the Pig, a fervent wish for a peaceful and honest election will be a dream to realize.

As the blood spilled on the school yard of Burgos Elementary School last Saturday afternoon elicits a public question.

Will there be a peaceful, orderly and honest election in Daraga in the Year of the Pig?