An unidentified robber broke inside the solon’s house and took cash and valuables.


Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón


garbinLegazpi City, [12.23.18] – It’s a hard day for AKO-Bikol party-list members. After the tragic death of Ako-Bicol representative Rodel M. Batocabe on Saturday afternoon, Ako-Bikol party-list congressman Alfredo A. Garbin, Jr’s house was robbed of cash and valuables this morning, a police report said.

A still unidentified suspect carted away the personal bag of the victim containing a check amounting to more or less PhP500,000.00 and one piece of Rolex wristwatch and 2 pieces of Patek Philippe wristwatches.

Initial investigation revealed that the burglar has gained entry inside the lawmaker’s residence through the comfort room awning type window located on the second floor of their residence.

Police investigators are still conducting an investigation on Garbin’s residence located along Winsor Street, Ridge View Subdivision, Barangay Buragwis, Legazpi City.