Board Member Howard Imperial believes in the revision of the ordinance will curve corruption.


Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón




Afraid of their Governor? Too many vacant seats but, without the attendance of the majority members of the Sangguniang Panglalawigang ng Albay for the Committee on the Whole deliberation. Photo by JVDioquino.

Legazpi City, [09.11.18] – Although the Committee of the Whole Albay of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Albay [SPA] called by Vice Governor Harold O. Imperial failed full attendance from its members this morning, the invited resource persons who attended the meeting has shed lights on the controversial illegal collections on the provincial quarrying.

“I was was so glad that there were witnesses came and attended the hearing this morning and it had affirmed my points that I raised in the past about the arbitrary raising off fees and collections on the quarrying here in the province. I was like a voice in the wilderness before, but now they came out and testified before the committee,” Board member Howard O. Imperial told the  through a phone interview.

I felt bad knowing there were people who are harassed and oppressed for the sake of acquiring money, Imperial averred.

The issues being raised by Imperial  are the following:

The capricious confiscations and seizures of heavy equipment of some quarry operators by members of Task Force Quarry even without valid reasons.  Quarry operators are fined with PhP4000,000.00 for a release of their heavy equipment like backhoe, and the PhP7.00 fee per cubic for the transport of volcanic material within the province and PhP25.00 fees per cubic meter for the transport of volcanic materials outside the province.

Meanwhile, Noli Ferrer a liaison officer of a private company engaged in sand delivery outside Albay attended the committee hearing and implicated capitol employees and a former Barangay Chairman of Daraga who is known Bichara supporter.

Ferrer on Monday afternoon told  that ENRO employee assigned at the Task Quarry are behind in the collection of PhP25.00 per cubic to quarry operators without official receipts from the Provincial Treasurer’s office.

Ferrer named Danny Garcia, Dave Cua James Ruiz, and Alwin Nimo to be behind in the collection of the PhP25.00 per cubic meter without official receipts.

According to Ferrer when he was still the liaison officer of the private corporation has revealed before the committee hearing that his company was blacklisted by Alwin Nimo after he never acceded to the false computation being forced by Nimo that his employer must pay PhP80,000.00 for the transported 3,200 cubic meters of sands.

According to him the correct computation that his company should pay on its remaining obligation is PhP40,000.00 as he paid already in the first tranche in the amount of PhP40,000.00 covering the first batch of 1,600 cubic meters of sands.

But, Nimo was so importunate that Ferrer’s employer must pay for PhP80,000.00 so I made a negotiation that I will settle for Nimo’s demand in the amount of PhP53,000.00.

I gave the said amount of [PhP53,000.00] to Danny Garcia, Ferrer ended.