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investigationLegazpi City, [09.11.18] – A 66 years old farmer was killed in a shooting incident on Monday evening in Purok 2, Barangay Tabigian, Tabaco City by unidentified suspects, a police report said.

According to Police Senior Inspector Mayvell Barcia Gonzales, the Public Information Officer of Albay Police Provincial Office the shooting incident transpired at 7:00 o’ clock in the evening at Purok 2 of Barangay Tabigian.

Police Senior Inspector Gonzales Vicente identified the victim as Barrameda y Bueno, 66 years old, married, a farmer of Purok 2, Barangay, Tabigian, Tabaco City.

The two suspects came to the victim’s residence and were accompanied by Yolanda Barrameda Cao, the daughter of the victim. The victim was having their dinner when the suspects arrived. Upon the suspects’ arrival Barrameda stood and asked his assailant about their purpose, one of the suspects subsequently drew a gun and shot the victim, a witness told the police.

Two persons who served as look-out and acted as drivers of the get-away motorcycles were seen by witnesses standing bye at the basketball court nearby who fled after the shooting incident. The fleeing suspects onboard the single motorcycle first drove their motorcycle towards Ligao City but made a turnaround and sped towards Tabaco City, the witness added.

The crime scene investigators were able to retrieve 13 empty shells, two slugs and one live ammunition for caliber .45 in the crime scene.