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It’s appalling to learn that a ranking police officer of Tacurong City does not know how to practice self-restraint in the conduct of his sworn duty as a law enforcer, gentleman, and an officer of the Philippine National Police of SOCCSKSARGEN.

His rapaciousness was witnessed by civilians in front of the police checkpoint along Barangay Griño, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat on Wednesday noon around 11:00 o clock noontime.

Informants informed this publication that Police Superintendent Sultan Salman H. Sapal has confiscated the identification cards of the passing members of the Royal Imperial Lupah Sūg Islamic Kingdom Peace Keeping Force in front of the police checkpoint.

Police Superintendent Sapal has accused the civilians of carrying fake identification cards and he accused also the Royal Imperial Lupah Sūg Islamic Kingdom as a bogus monarch.

Fake or not, it’s none of your business to tag those identification cards issued to them as fake. You went overboard also by telling the civilians to devour those identifications. Your conduct was vicious and vile and run counter to the virtue of respect and compassion to your fellow Muslim.

As a police officer and a gentleman, you are duty-bound to led your subordinates in manning the checkpoints all over your city the practice of right-based policing approach as mandated by law under POLICE PLAN 2030.

The conduct of police chokepoints/checkpoints is with a legal mandate to protect the rights of civilians from illegal search and abuse. What you failed to explain to the members of the Peace Keeping Force are the ten checkpoint rules outlined in the Department of Justice Advisory that the conduct of any checkpoints/chokepoints anchored on the constitutional guarantee against unreasonable searches and seizures as mandated under Section 2, Article III of the constitution.

For failure to observe this basic rule, you are extremely in remiss on the paradigm shift that is envisioned in the POLICE PLAN 2030. Being so arrogant you are a failure and a shame in police-community relation campaign in SOCCSKSARGEN.

The community is your client, therefore you are duty bound to show respect civilian and this is a paramount consideration.

Your contemptuous display against the civilians particularly to the members of the Peace Keeping force must end as it will not counter criminality and terrorism down there in Tacurong City but a driver to dissent and mistrust to the police organization. These peacekeeping troops under the leadership of Rajah Mamay Abdurajak and Baginda Helen Abdurajak are there to safeguard the peace, defense and economic development of the oilfields of Liguasang marsh and they are not bandits and outlaws.

By ranting against the Royal Imperial Lupah Sūg Islamic Kingdom as fake monarch before these peace-loving Maguindanaons is foul and baseless. But, declaring Governor Pax Mangudadatu of Maguindanao and Governor Tan of Sulu as the real Sultans you have shown your adherence to partisan politics which against the ethical standards of an independent and professional policeman.

As your voice was recorded by the informants and was forwarded to this publication and that you are claiming blood relations to Sultan Kayolawan Pasandalan – why you still pursued your irrational outbursts to the lowly civilians on Wednesday noon?

As a Filipino Muslim and as a Maguindanaoan you should emulate the exemplary Islamic characters of illustrious Islamic leaders like Raja Sulayman, Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat, Lapu-Lapu, and Sultan Jamalul Kiram II.

I obliged you also to revisit your history and draw lessons from them [Raja Sulayman, Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat, Lapu-Lapu, and Sultan Jamalul Kiram II]  and practice humility to refrain from treating these lowly Maguidanaons as your slaves or subjects.

Refrain the practice of arrogance, be an ambassador of peace and unity in your community instead so that you can redeem your stained reputation as a policeman and an elitist Maguindanaon royal blood.


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