A village rape took place after the evening celebration of her grandfather’s death anniversary.


Apó E. Hápá




map of castilla, sorsogonSorsogon City, [09.05.18] – A 20 years old woman from Amomonting, Castilla, Sorsogon has formally filed an incident report that she was sexually assaulted by her male cousin after their observance of the death anniversary of her grandfather last August 28, 2018, a police report said.

According to Police Senior Inspector Joedam Loteriña, Chief of Police of Castilla Municipal Police Station, the incident was reported to the Castilla Municipal Police Station Women and Children the victim [name withheld] has alleged that she was raped by her cousin Malvin Habac Arciaga.

The victim narrated that the rape took place inside the residence of the suspect using force and threat when she was tricked through invitation, she narrated to the police.

The rape was only stopped when the father’s victim came to the suspect’s house, she added.

The 37 years old suspect of Purok Sampaguita, Barangay Amomonting, Castilla, Sorsogon is now into hiding, the report ended.