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The incessant flow of blood and tears in this troubled province is like a persistent curse. The intensity of violence is dramatized by the blood jet that persistently hugging headlines – a narrative macabre series of murders are dreadful.

The episode of vicious aggression obscures the prospect of tranquility to emerge and become the order of the day in the “Rodeo Capital.

The poetry of ferociousness and bloodsheds is a social ill that must be solved by the stakeholders and the law enforcers.

The lawlessness that describes vividly the failure of the effective and efficient internal security measures and public safety is imperative to be crafted by the provincial police command of Masbate.

The second blast that rocked the wharf might be a political or ideological statement, but the responsibility of the local police command does not absolve them of their failure to secure the vital transportation facility of Masbate City which is the port area.

Be it that the blast is a desperate attempt done by the local insurgents as the Philippine Army spokesperson said that the deed was a diversionary tactic and the local police blame the incident as security  lapses committed by the Philippine Coast Guard – the patent security lapses has paved the way for the two consecutive bombings in the port to materialized.

Being the Port is under the direct supervision of the Philippine Ports Authority and the Coast Guard has to secure their perimeters by implementing an augmented security personnel visibility at night. In the same manner, the Masbate City Police who has its direct jurisdiction should have implemented its police visibility 24/7 patrolling plan to make the port of entry safe and secure.

The major transportation hub second to the City airport the wharf is operating round the clock and being a part of the central nautical highway – it is incumbent upon the Philippine National Police to have its detailed security plan.

Luckily the worst scenario did not happen as the inferior quality of an improvised explosive devise was used in the blasting.

What if a powerful bomb was detonated, does the City officials and the police quick reaction team could make their response quick and reliable?

Had there is a periodic police visibility within the area, that blast can be not carried out so easily on the date the PRO5 celebration of the 24th Annual Observance of the National Crime Prevention Week.

A lesson can be drawn here, visibility can deter crime and a detail security plan can mitigate danger as there are available law enforcers and security officer that can detect any sinister plot against law and order in the city.

The Provincial Peace and Order Council of Masbate must convene the soonest possible time to re-assess their peace and order situation and the emerging challenge that the government agency such as the NAPOLCOM, DILG, PNP, and AFP be always on the top of the situation and prevent the “Rodeo Capital” as the theater of violence.


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