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The sustained resistance of these local politicians and the National Electrification Administration representative against the group of Attorney Bart Rayco to sit at the member of Interim Board Member of APEC run ALECO is blatant.

Their adamant positions in opposing the group of Attorney Rayco and company to function as the new members of the Board of Directors is a gross violation of the seven cherished principles of cooperatives.

The Seven Cooperative Principles are as follows:

  • Voluntary, Open Ownership. Open to all without gender, social, racial, political, or religious discrimination.
  • Democratic Owner Control. One Owner, one vote.
  • Owner Economic Participation.
  • Autonomy and Independence.
  • Education, Training, and Information.
  • Cooperation among Cooperatives.
  • Concern for the Community.

Member-consumers of Albay Electric Cooperative and the thinking Albayanos do not deserve patent political intervention on the electric cooperative as it is vicious and unwarranted.

This is an unobstructed bureaucratic coherence between the local politicians and the National Electrification Administration in guarding the private interest of Albay Power and Energy Corporation in enduring the defense and justification of the privatization of the people’s cooperative.

The resistance by the provincial politician and some of his political lieutenants together with the National Electrification Administration implies that they are hell-bent in maintaining their lapdogs manning the policy-making body to legitimize the illegal takeover of ALECO franchise.

In rationalizing their actions these local politicians are becoming too incongruent in discussing economic development goals of the province for not recognizing the legitimacy of July 1, 2017, elected Interim Board of Directors that could set new policy directions in accordance to the seven principles of a cooperative

Among the legitimate issues to be supposedly tackled by the incoming interim board are those which was not addressed by the resigned board of directors is the failure to implement the promised rehabilitation plans by the APEC.

So why NEA and the local politicians are opposing the group of Atty. Bartolome Roa Rayco, Rogerio B. Breta, Virgilio S. Perdigon, Jr., Edna Zepeda, Adelina M. Espartinez, Vilma R. Rosayaga, Angelito Dalida, Richard R. Atun, Nicanor S. Sambitan (deceased), Ed Bermundo and Noel D. Villar?

A highly placed source has informed this publication that the main opposition to Rayco’s group points the Governor of Albay arguing that some of the elected members of the Interim Board are facing a charge in court filed by APEC and the impending disconnection by the National Grid Corporation due to the to PhP8 billion debts.

These are technical issues that need an appropriate technical solution as the comprehensive rehabilitation plan on how to make a turn-around from the NEA mismanagement before was already presented before under the concept of cooperative-to-cooperative which the NEA, Bishop, and politicians had opposed before and endorsed the privatization.

The opposition made by the politicians and the pro-privatization in blocking the new IBOD to assume their mandate is a logical fallacy they lacked in presenting a logical reasoning why Rayco group should not be allowed to assume the position because of the APEC’s filed case for non-payment of electric bills.

For argument’s sake, which has the great weight and breadth – the non payment of electric bill for the franchise-less APEC or the the private corporation who illegally managed the electric cooperative who was responsible in the unpaid debts to the energy suppliers from PhP 4.2 billion to PhP8 billion, erroneous billing, low voltage and rotating brownouts?

The fallacious argument rests on the side of the politicians and pro-privatization group – for they only saw the eye of the needle, but they never saw the hole ax [nahiling an luho kan dagom, pero dai nahiling anluho kan patok]

The Bishop and his cabal who opted for the privatization of ALECO under the Albay Power and Energy Corporation despite of the unratified concession agreement had already resigned is a proof that their gambit did not work.

What are the reasons left for the Governor and the National Electrification Administration not to honor the October 6, 2017 roundtable discussion held in the Ibalong Conference Room which was attended by Attorney Bart Rayco, Attorney Ritchie Regala, Demetrio C. Reynoso, Virgilio S. Perdigon, Jr., Attorney Ian Macasinag, Antonio Tan, APEC representatives, Board Member Vic Ziga, Jr., Undersecretary Petronilo L. Ilagan, Mayor Noel Rosal who agreed that the old IBOD would be dissolved and a new IBOD would be installed?


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