An accidental slip on a muddy portion inside the Rangas military camp has triggered accidental discharge.


Apó E. Hápá     


acciental dischargeSorsogon City, [07.31.18] – A bad fall inside the army camp in Rangas, Juban this morning has led to the untimely demise of a 29 years old army radio man after sustaining a bullet wound that pierced into his neck, the police report said.

According to the report from Juban Municipal Police Station reaching Cam Salvador C. Escudero, Sr, the victim was Army Corporal Alfredo M. Bonon a radioman assigned at the 31st Infantry Battalion, 9th Infantry Division, Philippine Army in Barangay Rangas, Juban Sorsogon.

The incident was reported to Juban Municipal Police Station at 9:00 o’ clock in the morning today.

The Pasacao native army man was walking at the back of the RCP Barracks Alpha in full military gear when he slipped onto a muddy portion of the barracks, responding policemen quoted an account of a fellow soldier who witnessed the incident.

Army Private Reynold Palaya Nudo told the investigators that Corporal Bonon was about to join his troops for a combat operation when he suddenly skidded on a mud and the accidental fire from his M16 Armalite service rifle ensued.

The wounded was rushed to the Sorsogon Doctor’s Hospital but was declared dead on arrival by an attending physician identified as Dr. Lavarete.

The soldier sustained a gunshot wound on the neck.

The service firearm and fired cartridge were brought to Juban Municipal Police Station for ballistic examination.