Forced evacuation is in effect in flooded villages of El Nido as heavy rains hit the town.


Mohammad Yusoph bin Abdillah 


Puerto Princesa City, [07.27.18] – Residents of nine villages in El Nido town in Palawan are being persuaded by its local disaster managers to seek shelter on safer grounds due to rising flood waters while a forced evacuation is being adapted to pre-empt damages on lives and properties.

An inclement weather brought by incessant rains has inundated the areas since yesterday has caused a widespread flooding and swollen river banks in this municipality, a highly placed source said.

Residents wading the flood in Basakan. A sourced photo from a Facebook post of Lhee-anne Allinaraj Nicoas.

Ricefields is under water as residents wading the flood to safer ground. A sourced photo from a Facebook post of Lhee-anne Allinaraj Nicoas.

The heavy downpour has almost soaked the area for more than 38 hours that started on Wednesday morning.

Hihinto lang ng saglit tapos bubuhos ulit ang ulan hanggang ngayon gabi,” The rain will start but it soon resume again and it started pouring so heavy until tonight, a lady resident of Barangay Corongcorong here said.

We are underwater and yet we are also wrapped by total darkness as power outages also struck us all here, the residents lamented.

In a social media posts from El Nido Forum andEl Nido Information Center which was forwarded to tonight the villages of Barangay anlag, New Ibajay, Villa Libertad, Sitio Lamoro, Barangay Pasadena, Barangay Baratuan, Barangay Sibaltan, Barangay Mabini and Barangay Bucana were under water.

Barangay Nacpan was not passable as the swollen river became risky to cross due to heavy rains.

Some 50 tourist were announced by El Nido Information Center has already rescued the straded tourist and were brought to safer grounds, their social media post said.

No exact details available as of posting time as to the exact numbers of affected families, but the forced evacuation was implemented by the local government.

Public schools in the town were already identified as their evacuation centers particularly the flood-stricken villages of El Nido, the report said.