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  •   Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón   Legazpi City, [11.21.17] – The City Prosecutor’s Office of Legazpi has recommended  that the information for frustrated murder  filed against the Batangueño  suspected assassin, Michael Malveda y Beltran be withdrawn and a murder  charge be filed before the Legazpi City Regional Trial Court  following the death of German...

  •   Apó E. Hápá   Sorsogon City, [11.18.17] – At least three persons including a 60 years old American national were reportedly perished in a road accident  along Maharlika Highway after a Manila-bound passenger bus rammed the Sorsogon bound sports utility vehicle in Purok Macapagal, Barangay Buhatan, Sorsogon City on Friday afternoon.

  •   Jinky  Tábór   San Andres, Catanduanes, [11.17.17] – The leisure boxing sparring between the two minors has ended into  a tragic death of a 15 years old lad in San Andres town on Wednesday evening.

  • Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón   Legazpi City, [11.16.17] – The shooting incident that wounded the manager of the small town lottery in the province of Albay and his lady companion is almost considered case solved, Police Superintendent Nilo S. Berdin said this afternoon.

  • Legazpi City, [11.15.17] – A manager of a small town lottery and his lady companion survives in a daring gun attack along the busy street in downtown Legazpi City, killing one of the suspect in the shootout, while another suspect was wounded and was successfully arrested, police report said.

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