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  •   A suspected Tabaco City Top Five City target list is arrested in by-bust.   Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón      Legazpi City, [01.16.19] – A suspected city target-listed drug personality of Tabaco City was reported to have been arrested this afternoon in an anti-illegal drugs operation [buy-bust] a PDEA report said.

  •   Introduction: Albeit they say that the present application is only for exploration – to determine whether the area being explored has commercial quality and quantity for cement making, if this is, this will eventually lead to mining thus I ( in behalf of the Department of Tourism) interject our opposition to such activity based...

  •   A suspected drug-pusher killed in a police anti-illegal drugs operation in Balinad, Daraga, Albay.   Andy Mádrigáléjó      Daraga, Albay, [01.09.19] – A suspected drug personality was reported to have been neutralized in an anti-illegal drugs operation [buy-bust] tonight in Purok Sunkist, Barangay Balinad, Daraga, Albay, a police report said.

  •   A severe head injury leaves traces of a victim’s traumatic end.   Apó E. Hápá      Sorsogon City, [01.09.19] [Updated] – A dead body of a masseur in a local massage spa along Peralta Street in Barangay Burabod, Sorsogon City was discovered this afternoon, a Sorsogon City Police Station report said.

  •   An intention of becoming intoxicated over a short period of time, profound harm was inflicted by an elected village councilor to his fellow barangay kagawad instead.    Legazpi City, [01.09.19] – A police report from Lupi Municipal Police Station say that a stabbing incident on Tuesday evening has led to the death...

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